Carson Group International, Inc. is a general trading and consulting company that is focuses on four sectors of Manufacturing, Petro Services, Paper & Recycling, and Entertainment. Based in the U.S., our present strategy and position is to expand our global consulting reach through our strategic partners and create new opportunities for growth. Carson Group International primarily does business with clients in the United States, China and the Middle East (including United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Turkey). As a global organization, we help our customers cross cultures, regulations and language in to positioning them with excellent partnerships.



Working directly with both the government and private sector, Zhegr Oil is your global partner for providing quality services to the world’s leading oil companies.  With a distinct understanding of the local Iraqi and Kurdish cultures, Zhegr Oil was created to fulfill the energy needs of Northern Iraq’s entire Kurdistan region and beyond.  Based in Erbil, Iraq, Zhegr Oil aims to be responsive to our clients’ needs.   Through established partnerships and joint ventures, our dynamic team strives to offer unique solutions and services to oil companies and refineries.  As a socially responsible corporation, we place an emphasis on preserving the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees.


As a social enterprise, Carson Group international is committed to investing in renewable energy sources found in nature such as wind, sunlight, waves, biomass, geothermal heat.  By producing wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, biofuels, and geothermal energy, we are helping to reduce the damaging effects of climate change.  The creation of sustainable energy will also enable future generations to meet their energy needs more efficiently.



GMB Cigarettes offers a wide selection of cigars with carefully blended tobaccos in expert level to fulfill your highest expectations. Our company works to understand the preferences of adult consumers and to design cigarettes to meet them. It’s the preferences of adult consumers that guide our tobacco blends – the mix of tobaccos that we use – and we work to ensure that these grades are available long-term to keep the taste of our products consistent.


We have official distributions in the UAE, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. The state-of-the-art product design makes it unique and distinct from other cigarette products in the market. We are certain to put this brand on the top of the pedestal and we continue to bring out the success of smoker’s positive response of our cigarette line. GMB Cigarettes comes in diversified packages in King Size, Super Slims and Nano Sizes.Varied flavors are categorized in three editions: Red, Gold and Silver.



Soho Entertainment is a company registered in Los Angeles, California with its operations in the Middle East. Soho Entertainment specializes in organizing the high-end trendy, prestigious and luxurious events in entertainment by partnering with some of the finest luxury venues across the Middle East. Under one of our top brands Soho Nights, Soho Entertainment brings the finest entertainment events and concerts to the Middle East.


Our entertainment division is a premier independent concert promoter for the Middle East. We promote some of the most popular Arabic and Turkish artists at any sized venue. We use social media marketing and printable flyers to promote each event, no matter how large or small it may be.


Corrugated Cardboard


We provide a wide array of thick paper products throughout the Middle East. Our paper is more durable and flexible with many uses with the most common being cardboard shipping containers. Our cardboard is cost-effective and has the strength, durability, flexibility and recyclability to ship a variety of items including food, military supplies and more by a variety of sources.



Carson Group International, Inc. prides itself on being an economically green company. Most of the paper and cardboard packaging we use is made from recycled fiber. Mills turn the old cardboard into new shipping boxes and paperboard that is sued to make cereal boxes, shoe boxes and more.


Carson Group International is your distributor of choice for fragrances, personal care and beauty products.  We manage all export-related services for our clients – to include marketing, ordering, packing, shipping, documentation and after-sales customer support.  With our marketing expertise, we can help you distribute your products throughout the Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan) and predominantly Arab speaking countries such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt.