We have official distributions in the UAE, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. The state-of-the-art product design makes it unique and distinct from other cigarette products in the market. We are certain to put this brand on the top of the pedestal and we continue to bring out the success of smoker’s positive response of our cigarette line. GMB Cigarettes comes in diversified packages in King Size, Super Slims and Nano Sizes.Varied flavors are categorized in three editions: Red, Gold and Silver.

We have a long-term perspective on our business. We strive to create shared value between ourselves and our primary stakeholders – business partners, co-workers, customers and suppliers – and in relation to society. Our standpoint is always to do good business with common sense, based on honesty, respect, fairness and integrity. We care about the health hazards and we are responsible to educate our customers on smoking responsibly.